Here at CF Ceramics UK we have 4 different 3 year car ceramic coatings. The reason for this is quite simple. Car owners have different needs, some need protection for a daily driver doing 20,000 miles a year. Others are looking for something that is extremely high gloss for a Summer weekend car. Then there is weather differences between the regions. In Scotland & N Ireland we need to take into account the colder, wetter weather. A one size fits all solution is impractical, for most ceramic coating companies. This is due to the research and development required to be able to offer multiple car ceramic coatings, they just cannot do this. Most companies do not have a research lab and buy the same ceramic coatings from China as 80% of companies do.

Here at CF Ceramics we have been manufacturing & developing Automotive ceramic coatings for 28 years at our own plant in South Korea (which is acknowledged to be the place car ceramic coatings were invented). This gives us the advantage of decades of experience and real world application situations. Because of this, CF Ceramics is able to offer high quality ceramic coatings that do what they say they will.

Our UK Wide branches are fully trained not only to apply our 3 year car ceramic coatings, but also evaluate the best 3 year car ceramic coating for your particular needs.



Here are some of the advantages of our 3 year ceramic coatings:

  • Highly Hydrophobic
  • High Gloss
  • Easier to clean and longer between washes
  • No need for heavy chemicals – just a PH Neutral shampoo
  • 3 Years durability

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