Turn up the sound and have a watch of the video to see why car owners from around the country come to CF Ceramics HQ studio in Camberley to have their cars treated.
This 2019 Mercedes AMG E63 S was in at our UK HQ Studio. Machine polished to remove minor scratches & wash induced swirl marks. Then ceramic coated with Alpha Prime Graphene , 8 Year, Dual Layer, Ultra High Gloss ceramic coating to the paintwork. Wheelguard Pro, 1 Year applied to the wheel faces. Alpha Glass, 6 Month Rain Repellent to all exterior glass. Now protected for 8 years with a beautiful shine.
Interior leather treated with our Leather Shield, 5 Year anti-stain, anti-uv protection. Especially good to have light coloured leather treated to avoid dye-transfer and other stains ruining the seats.
To get a quote and book your Car or Bike in Camberley, contact direct here: Coating Farm Camberley

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