A 2023 Lexus UX250h entrusted to CF Ceramics Chester Studio receives top-tier treatment. We initiated the process with meticulous machine polishing, ensuring the car’s surface is flawless before coating.

Following this, we apply our premium Alpha Prime Graphene ceramic coating, boasting an impressive 8-year durability and a dual-layer protection system. This results in an ultra-high gloss finish that not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics but also safeguards its paintwork for the long term.

We didn’t stop there; the car’s wheels receive special attention with Wheelguard Pro, offering 1-year protection to the wheel faces. Additionally, we apply Alpha Glass, a rain repellent designed to last for 6 months, to all exterior glass surfaces.

With this comprehensive protection, the Lexus is now shielded for 8 years, all while maintaining its beautiful shine. To obtain a quote and schedule your car or bike’s transformation, feel free to message us today. Trust CF Ceramics Retford to provide your vehicle with the ultimate care and protection it deserves.

Like to know more about the benefits of getting your car treated? Read here: https://www.coatingfarm.com/benefits-of-a-ceramic-coating-for-your-car/


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