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2019 BMW R1250GSA in at the CF Ceramics Surrey studio in Camberley. As the bike is ridden all year round, it needs protection from the elements.

The bike was fully prepped, decontaminated and machine polished and then our motorcycle specific 8 year, Bike Ceramic Supreme was a applied via airbrush, to paintwork, plastics, engine, exhaust, wheels, calipers, lighting and more.

Anti-corrosion, heat resistant to 1,000ºC and now fully protected without the need for greasy winter sprays that come off in big clouds of steam from your engine & exhaust!

To get a quote, give Leigh a call on 07957 367 566.

To see more of the benefits of having your bike treated, see here:

Don’t be fooled into letting companies apply car ceramic coatings to your bike – they offer very little protection for bikes and cannot be applied to hot parts of the bike, etc.

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