Motorcycle Specific Ceramic Coatings

Coating Farm Ceramics have the best ceramic coatings available for motorcycles today. We have our 3 Year, Bike Guard Pro 5 Year, Alphacoat Bike and Alpha Bike Graphene, 8 Year. All three are Anti-Corrosion, heat resistant to 750ºC and scratch resistant. They are applied via airbrush to all areas of the Bike for complete protection. Basically our Bike specific ceramics do away with the need for greasy sprays to protect your Bike and keep it in pristine condition all year round. Easy maintenance is standard, just use our PH Neutral Shampoo to wash the Bike with and no other heavy chemical cleaners are required. A lot of confusion surrounds maintenance of ceramic coatings, with people claiming it’s difficult, but in actual fact, it is easier than a non-ceramic coated bike.

Motorcycle Detailing Process

So what is the motorcycle ceramic coating process? First off the motorcycle is washed and decontaminated – meaning that tar spots and other stuck on debris is removed. Next up, it is checked over for minor scratches and swirl marks, then these are machine polished to remove. This includes fly screens / windscreens and panniers & top box if fitted. After machine polishing we use our Ceramic Prep spray, which removes any oils from the machine polishing stage and gets it ready for the ceramic coating application. Finally we apply the Ceramic via airbrush to the engine, exhaust, suspension, wheels, under the seat to treat the frame, instrument cluster, panniers & top box. Only the tank and mudguards have the ceramic applied via an applicator block. Once applied, the bike is buffed with a microfibre cloth. Then a final inspection is done to ensure that the ceramic coating has been applied to all areas and no smear marks, etc are visible.

4 Years of Research & Development

All three of our motorcycle specific ceramic coatings were developed at our Research Labs and took 4 years of development and production is at our own facilities in South Korea. What makes them special, is that they are developed to have a degree of flexibility and adapt to the flexing of plastic fairings and the high vibration environment. Then there is the anti-corrosion properties and that they give 9H Scratch Resistance for our 3 Year ceramic coating and 10H Scratch Resistance for our 5 year ceramic coating. They also work perfectly on Matte Painted Motorcycles without making them shiny or lose their finish and can also be applied to vinyl wrapped motorcycles for added protection and hydrophobicity.

UK Wide Motorcycle Detailing Specialists

The end result is a Motorcycle that is completely protected – even the engine and exhaust. Extremely hydrophobic, keeping all surfaces protected from the elements. Bike owners are also often amazed at how much easier it is to keep clean and washing the bike is no longer a job that involves heavy duty chemicals that dull the finish over time.  With a UK nationwide network of Motorcycle Detailing Specialists, we are sure to have one near you. Check out our CFC branches page for your nearest. Watch the video to see some of the steps we take in our Motorcycle Ceramic Detailing Package.


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