Ceramic coatings for Cars have been available for close on 30 years now. Originally they were invented in South Korea and have spread on from there worldwide. Here at CFC we have been researching & developing ceramic coatings at out own facilities in S Korea for 27 years now. Essentially CFC Ceramic coatings are designed to give high gloss levels, be extremely hydrophobic and offer a sacrificial layer that will take the brunt of scratches and protect your paintwork. There are a lot of misconceptions about ceramic coatings and mistruths spread across the internet. Some show videos of the car’s paintwork being set on fire and then extinguished quickly and many other tricks. The simple fact is that ceramic coatings are designed to bond to the paintwork with a 1-5 micron layer that is tough and shines. It will generally wear away over a period of time dictated by the longevity of the specific coating. Such as our 3,5, or 7 year ceramic coatings.

Many companies buy from the same sources from China, India, etc and re-label and sell at inflated prices. Most of these ceramics tend to be low quality and use a very basic formula. These tend not to have strong bonding agents and also have very low Si02 (Silicon Dioxide), which is the main ingredient that gives the durability and strength to the coatings.  We have patented and proven ceramic coatings that give extreme levels of gloss and durability. With 155 Branches & Accredited Detailers across the UK, we can professionally apply a ceramic coating that suits your needs.


The next part of the puzzle is professional application. There are many valeting companies that offer a plethora of ceramic coating solutions, some ranging from a £100 to £3,000. In some cases it tends to be based on the value of your car, so it will be higher if you say you have a 2021 Porsche 911 vs a 2014 Ford Fiesta. Here at CFC our pricing is by size – not by the price of car. We keep it simple.

Taking care of your ceramic coatings is extremely easy and we cover how to do so in an article here: How to look after your ceramic coated Car.

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