Here at CF Ceramics we don’t just treat the exterior of cars. We also have a superb range of professional level products for the interior. First off, we have our Leather Shield, 5 Year, Triple Layer, Leather Ceramic Coating. This is designed to protect your leather seats & trim from Dye transfer, UV Rays and other stains. Cleaning is simple with Leather Shield, all that is needed is a dampened microfibre towel and any stains will be removed in a couple of wipes. No heavy chemicals or cleaners are required, so no need to worry about stripping the colour from your seats. It doesn’t leave a shiny or slippery surface either, just a matt finish and it feels the same as before.

For fabrics & carpets we have our Febreco, 1 Year, Fabric Guard. This is professionally applied and will protect Fabric seats and carpets from stains and UV Damage for one year.

Before application of both products our trained detailers will meticulously clean the interior to ensure that the ceramics bond properly. So when booking your car in, don’t forget to ask about our interior service!






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