Coating Farm has a 144 Accredited Detailers, mobile and studio based and 23 Branches in the UK, so we generally have a detailing company near you that can professionally ceramic coat your car or motorcycle. They are all fully trained and accredited to apply Coating Farm’s professional range of ceramic coatings. Most also offer a complete maintenance service to keep your Car or Motorcycle looking tip top too. Ceramic coatings for exterior paintwork on cars from 1 to 7 years available and for Motorcycles there are bike specific ceramic coatings – 3 or 5 years. Bike coatings are airbrushed onto the entire bike and are heat resistant to 750ºC.

For Car interiors we have our Leathershield, 5 Year Anti-Stain, Anti-UV ceramic coating. It does not make the leather shiny or make it feel any different, but it will protect from dye transfer from jeans, etc. Just a damp microfibre will remove most marks from your leather with ease.

Overall, CFC detailers can provide you with a complete service whether you have a brand new car or bike that you would like protected or an older vehicle that could do with a makeover.

Have a look at our Branches and Accredited Detailer maps at the top of the homepage to find your nearest. Just enter your town name or postcode for an exact distance and remember that our Mobile Detailers usually cover up to 30-50 miles from their postcode.






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