Here are some of the cars ceramic coated across the CF Ceramics UK Network in July. 3 & 5 year ceramic coating packages applied to all these cars. More & more car owners are turning to CF Ceramics for our quality ceramic coatings, professionally applied by our trained teams from 155 locations across the UK. Over 7,000 cars treated so far this year, will yours be next?
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Benefits of a CF Ceramics Ceramic Coating?

This is a question that we get asked by many car owners here at Coating Farm Ceramics. There are various reasons to have a car ceramic coating professionally applied and some are more important than others for different people. We will list some of them below and you can judge for yourself.

  • Long term protection
  • High Gloss
  • Highly Hydrophobic
  • Protection from environmental pollution
  • Stays cleaner for longer between washes
  • Easier to clean without using corrosive chemicals

Which of the above are important for you? Whatever your answer, rest assured we have the solution from our extensive range and our experience of ceramic coating thousands of cars here in the UK.

Easy Maintenance or Extreme Gloss?

Some car owners are looking for a high shine above all else and for others it might be the easier maintenance angle. Here at CFC we can recommend the correct car ceramic coating based on your needs. For instance if you have a weekend car that stays in the garage most of the time doing under 5k miles a year, then your requirements will be different to a daily driver doing 20k miles a year. Based on your requirements we can recommend the correct ceramic coating from our range. The reason we have four different 3 year car ceramic coatings is because of the differing needs of car owners and so we recommend the correct choice for your needs. Have a watch of the video and if you have any questions, please do get in touch either via email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss. To see the thousands of cars ceramic coated by our UK network, visit our Facebook page HERE To find your nearest branch from our UK wide network, just click HERE

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