Here at CFC our 155 branches & accredited detailers don’t just ceramic coat new cars for protection. We also machine polish older cars to remove minor scratches and wash induced swirl marks to restore paintwork to a factory fresh condition. Up to three stages of machine polishing are available depending on how much damage there is to the paintwork. Our ceramic coatings then seal in the freshly polished paintwork with a scratch resistant and very high gloss finish. We cal also take care of leather interiors by protecting with our Leather Shield, 5 Year ceramic coating. This seals the leather without making it shiny or leaving an unnatural feel. It protects from stains and UV damage and also makes it easier to keep clean. Currently we prep and ceramic coat around 10,000 Cars a year across the UK.


Here are the steps taken to bring back a showroom shine to your car:

  • Wash
  • Decontamination
  • Machine Polish
  • Alcohol based wipe down to remove any polish residue
  • 3 or 5 year ceramic coating application

Watch the video below to see how CFC can transform your car. To get a quote and book your Car in, contact us here: CFC Contact

To see a selection of Cars ceramic coated by our Branches, have a look here: CFC News

For even more info, visit here where you can look through thousands of Cars treated by CFC: CFC Facebook



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