How long does a ceramic coating last on a car?

This a frequently asked question we get asked here at CF Ceramics. Our professionally applied ceramic coatings are available in 3, 5 or 8 years longevity. A breakdown of what is available is below. In general our ceramic coatings have been over-engineered to last longer than the stated longevity. This ensures that we have very little in terms of failures before the stated durability.


Aquacoat Pro 3 Year Car Ceramic Coating

Aquacoat Pro, is our professional level ceramic coating that is used by our Branches & Accredited detailers. Most ceramics available for car owners to apply themselves do not have the durability as they have been designed to be easy to apply and do not have the durability that comes with a product for professional use, as they are harder to apply because of the thickness of the coatings. Aquacoat Pro, whilst sold as 3 year ceramic, is actually tested to last 4 years, this ensures that it can withstand all conditions.

Aquacoat Pro 3 Year Ceramic for Cars

  • 3 year durability car ceramic
  • High gloss
  • Hydrophobic
  • 9H Scratch Resistant (certified by SGS)

Alphacoat Prime 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating

Alphacoat Prime, is a dual layer, professional level coating that is used by our Branches & Accredited Detailers. Again, this is professionally applied and our trained detailers have the experience & knowledge to apply correctly.

Alphacoat Prime 5 Year Ceramic Coating for Cars


  • 5 year durability car ceramic coating
  • Ultra High Gloss
  • Hydrophobic
  • 10H Scratch Resistant (certified by SGS)

Alpha Prime Graphene 8 Year Car Ceramic Coating

Alpha Prime Graphene is our top level professional ceramic coating. Our labs created it by bonding graphene to Si02 to form a very tough, durable ceramic coating. Gloss levels are the highest that can be achieved and hydrophobicity is incredible. If you are looking for the best ceramic coating available today, then look no further.


  • 8 year durability car ceramic coating
  • Extreme Gloss Levels
  • Ultra Hydrophobic
  • 10H Scratch Resistant (certified by SGS)

To see more of the cars treated by CF Ceramics, have a look here: CF Ceramics Videos

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