Here at CFC we spent 5 years researching & developing our motorcycle specific ceramic coatings. First off we developed them for the high stress environment that Bikes face. They have been developed to not just be applied to the paintwork and shiny bits, but the exposed engine, exhaust and other parts. Our 3 year Bike Guard Pro and 5 Year Alphacoat Bike also have a degree of flexibility to allow for flexing of plastic panels and other parts. We airbrush apply to all areas, including the engine, exhaust, suspension, frame, paintwork, wheels, brake calipers, instrument cluster, screen / fly screen and panniers / top box. They are heat resistant to 750ºC and are anti-corrosion. Watch the video below to see all the steps taken.


All motorcycles that are treated by our UK wide network of branches are carefully prepared. All the steps taken are:


  • Washed & decontaminated
  • Machine polished
  • Degreased with CFC Ceramic Prep
  • All areas checked before ceramic application
  • Ceramic Coated via Airbrush to all intricate areas with our 3 or 5 year ceramic coatings
  • Ceramic coated via block applicator to paintwork with our 3 or 5 year ceramic coatings
  • Final Inspection

Full aftercare instructions are given when collecting your motorcycle, but just to dispel any myths on whether it is difficult to maintain we will discuss here. Basically all that is required for easy maintenance is the CFC Ceramic Safe  PH Neutral Shampoo / Snowfoam. It dilutes as a shampoo 2000:1 and as a snowfoam at a 10% concentration mixed with 90% water in a snow foam lance. Insects and other crud will wash off much easier than a motorcycle that is not ceramic coated. Best of all there is no need for greasy sprays for winter protection that attract crus to stick to your motorcycle.

Quite simply, CFC offer the most advanced motorcycle ceramic coatings available today. Designed specifically for motorcycle application and our trained professionals are experts in application. To get a quote and book your motorcycle in with one of our UK wide branches, contact us today.


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