Looking after your Car can seem like a never ending battle to keep it in tip top condition. Daily driving takes its toll on the paintwork, wheels and even the glass. Traffic film builds up and causes it to look dull & lifeless.

Ceramic coating it  with our superb range and then maintaining with our products will keep it looking spectacular for years to come. In this article we are looking at the maintenance side, once a 3,5 or 7 year ceramic has been applied.

For owners that have recently had their car treated, we recommend an easy to use package available from our website here. We recommend using our PH Neutral Shampoo, Iron Fallout Remover and  Alphaguard Graphene for exterior use.

The Shampoo is easy to use and very economical. One litre of shampoo should be enough for six months, if washed every 2 weeks or a year if washed every 4 weeks. It can also be used a snow foam at a 10:1 water mix for superb results.

Our Alphaguard Graphene can be applied as a top up after 6 months of the main ceramic coating having been applied and we recommend that you top up every 3 months or 6 months as you prefer.

The CFC Iron fallout remover should be applied to the entire car every 6 months, to stop Iron deposits building up on the paintwork from regular use. This can block the ceramic and make it appear as if it is no longer functioning because it has been clogged up. Simply spray on, let it dwell for 2-3 minutes and wash off with water.

Using the above three products will keep your Car looking superb and maintain the ceramic coating.

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