Here at CF Ceramics we are experts at ceramic coating Motorcycles. A UK wide service with a studio and mobile service to your door is available from our 155 branches & accredited detailers. We use our specifically designed motorcycle ceramic coatings. Not just a car ceramic, which doesn’t do the job. All our motorcycle coatings are heat resistant to 750ºC and are anti-corrosion. They are applied via airbrush to all areas of the motorcycle. This includes paintwork, engine exhaust, suspension, lighting, instrument cluster, wheels and brake calipers. They were developed by our research lab for the specific needs of motorcycles. They also have a degree of flexibility to allow for plastic fairing movement so that they flex with them, car ceramic coatings tend to come off because of this and therefore do not last more than a couple of months..

Before ceramic coating, all motorcycles are fully detailed, including a one stage machine polish to paintwork, to ensure that the ceramic coating has a scratch free surface to bond to and don’t become trapped underneath it.

The three professional level ceramic coatings we use are:

  • Bike Guard Pro, 3 Year Motorcycle Ceramic Coating
  • Alphacoat Bike, 5 Year Motorcycle Ceramic Coating
  • Alphacoat Graphene Bike 8 Year Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

Once coated, motorcycles are much easier to maintain, just use our CF Ceramics PH Neutral Shampoo. No other heavy chemical cleaners are required and no need for messy greasy sprays for winter protection, as all surfaces are completely sealed. Watch the video below to see all the steps we take to protect & enhance a motorcycle.

To get a quote and find your nearest centre, just go to the contact section and either call or message us.


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