2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Randy Mamola Replica, treated by Matt Greg in our Coating Farm Chester branch. 18 years had taken their toll on the Bike and needed restoring. First off washed and decontaminated to remove tar spots and baked on debris. Next, Matt machine polished all the paintwork to remove scratches & wash induced swirl marks. Lastly, CFC Bike Guard Pro, 3 Year Anti-Corrosion ceramic applied via airbrush to all areas of the Bike for complete protection. Bike guard Pro is heat resistant to 750ºC and designed specifically to deal with the high stress environment of motorcycles and to offer long term protection for the engine and exhaust too – not just the paintwork. So no more greasy sprays applied to your motorcycle that burn off in clouds of steam when you start the engine, just a fully protected Bike that has a ceramic coating bonded to very surface for total protection.

Matt Greg in Coating Farm Chester, is an expert Motorcycle Ceramic Detailer and has years of experience, as well as being fully trained by Coating Farm. To get in touch with Matt, click on the links below.

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