Ceramic King 2 Year Car Ceramic Coating


  • 9H Hardness (Scratch resistance)
  • Two years protection
  • Weatherproof in 2 hours
  • Easy application
  • Apply to paint, wheels and plastics
  • Incredible shine and gloss
  • Maximum two cars per 50ml bottle

Ceramic King

Ceramic King is one of the best enthusiast/professional ceramic coatings on the market.

This next generation coating can be applied in temperatures down to 5° or up to 35° Celsius.

Because of its unique composition, Ceramic King is weatherproof in just 2 hours.

If weather is below 10 degrees car must be kept out of the damp for 12 hours.

This coating also provides 2 years of full protection and because of it’s quick drying time, is easily applied outdoors.

Ideal for anyone who works outdoors, even more so the mobile detailer or valeter.

Full application instructions enclosed with every bottle.

We recommend that the CFC Ceramic Prep is used prior to application, to ensure that the ceramic has a clean surface to bond to.

In the trade already and wanting to trade up? Aqua Coat Pro

Product must be used within 6 months unopened or 6 weeks of opening.


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