3 Year Complete Car Ceramic Coating Package


  • Aquacoat Plus 3 year paintwork ceramic
  • Wheelguard Pro 1 Year
  • Mega Glass Clean
  • Alpha Glass Rain Repellent
  • Ceramic Prep
  • Bodyguard Glasscoat 3 Month ceramic top up
  • CFC Ceramic Safe shampoo

A superb value bundle that gives you everything you need to ceramic coat the exterior of your Car and maintain it. It includes our Aquacoat Plus, 3 Year Paintwork ceramic, Wheelguard Pro, 1 Year, Mega Glass Clean, Alpha Glass Rain Repellent, 6 month, Ceramic Prep, to degrease paintwork / wheels and our Bodyguard Glasscoat, 3 month and finally our CFC Ceramic Safe Shampoo.

Everything that you need to look after your car’s exterior in a value bundle.


Aqua Coat Plus

Aqua Coat Plus is an enthusiast / Professional 9H Ceramic Coating.

With patented Air Dry technology that has a 4-5 hour drying time(room temperature), 1 hour under infrared lights.

It is recommended for anyone, whether a keen enthusiast or a professional detailer or valeter.

Cost effective 30ml bottle it has a unique slickness never before experienced in a DIY coating.

This incredible ceramic coating has to be seen and used to be believed. It is one of the very best single layer coatings available on the market today.

Wheel Guard Pro 30ml

Wheel guard Pro offers 9h ceramic protection for wheels , making it easier to clean by repelling brake dust and other contaminants.

The unique nano particles bond to the surface creating a smooth surface to which brake dust is much harder to bind to.

Wheel Guard Pro is heat resistant and can be applied to Brake calipers and exhaust tips.

Easy to apply formula, which has a fast curing time.

30 ml is enough to coat most sets of 4 wheels up to 20 inch, including the barrels.


Mega Glass Clean

Mega Glass Clean is an organic nano-disc glass polish from Coating Farm Ceramics.

It is capable of removing light swirls and scratches whilst leaving a perfectly clean and smooth surface.

A perfect accompaniment to the application of our Alpha Glass ceramic glass coating.

It comes with a unique application block for deep cleaning glass surfaces. Apply liberally to the block and work over the entire area until an even coverage is achieved.

Once the product has dried, remove the residue with a Microfibre If any residue remains, use a damp microfibre cloth to remove it and buff dry.

Does NOT mark rubber or plastic trim. If any polish gets on rubbers or plastic trim, simply wipe away with damp microfibre cloth.


Alpha Glass from Coating Farm Ceramics.

Extremely easy to apply professional quality ceramic glass coating.

Use it on all your automotive glass especially the windscreen with ‘No Blade Judder‘.

Water is simply shed away from the glass whilst in motion and in most cases when stationary as well.

Alpha Glass has been independently tested to help increase visibility whilst driving. This improves reaction times and stopping distances by 1 second in heavy rain situations.

A truly unique product that contains Nano Capsules that break down with rubbing action and bind to the surface.


Alphaglaze is our standard DIY Ceramic Coating.

Can be used as a stand alone coating or as a “sacrificial” layer on already coated vehicles.

Used on windscreens as a rain repellent or as top up to our Glassguard to increase durability.

3 months durability and 7H hardness makes it the ideal topper after a maintenance wash.

Used by anyone, whether a DIY enthusiasts or professional, super quick, super easy.

Simple spray on, buff off formula thus making it ideal for cars, bikes, caravans and boats.

Suitable for Paint, Glass, Aluminium and Chrome.


Ceramic Safe Shampoo/ Snowfoam

Coating Farm Ceramic new shampoo is an extremely high-quality shampoo and Snowfoam in one.

Designed to use on all paintwork and ceramic coated surfaces.

Safe to use on cars and bikes

Made with the finest ingredients to clean deep into the pores of the paintwork without using any harsh chemicals

Can be used as a car/bike shampoo at a dilution rate of 1000:1

Can be used as a snowfoam at a dilution rate of 10:1



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