Alpha Coat Hybrid 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating


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Alpha Coat Hybrid

The Alpha Coat series is one of the first coatings to be certified for 10H hardness by SGS.
It shows incomparable quality amongst not only single layers, but multiple layers as well.
It has incredible chemical resistance, anti-pollution, gloss, sleekness and water-repellency.
The Alpha Coat Hybrid derived from Aqua Coat Hybrid and has long-lasting anti-pollution and scratch resistance.

Offering up to 5 years durability with correct maintenance.


Alphcoat Hybrid, 5 Year is recommend for Detailing Professionals and keen enthusiasts.

Watch the video below to see how to apply.


Written instructions:
1. Wash & prep the car.
2. Use the CF Ceramics IPA Prep to remove any silicones or waxes
3. Apply Alphacoat with an applicator to one large panel, such as bonnet or two smaller panels such as doors. Wait 3-4 mins and then lightly buff off with a dry mf cloth.
Continue around the car until all panels have been treated.
4. Get a damp mf cloth and a dry mf cloth and wipe with the damp cloth, immediately followed by the dry cloth and buff.
Both coatings are a dual layer, so repeat steps 3 & 4 within two hours of first layer.
Technical support is available from Mon-to Sat 10am to 6pm on
0118 405 0202


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