Alpha Coat Prime 5 Year Car Ceramic Coating


  • New Carbon Nano tube technology.
  • Up to 5yr protection.
  • Professionally only applied product.
  • High gloss level.
  • 10h Scratch resistant.

Alpha Coat Prime

Accredited Detailer Application Only**

Welcome to the exclusive realm of Alpha Prime Graphene 5 Year Ceramic Coating, where excellence meets innovation.
Embark on a journey with our ground breaking Alpha Prime Graphene Ceramic Coating series, proudly distinguished as one of the premier coatings certified for 10H hardness by SGS. Experience the pinnacle of automotive protection, boasting unparalleled gloss levels and hydrophobic qualities that defy the ordinary.
Crafted to withstand the rigors of time and the elements, our coating offers up to 5 years of steadfast protection with diligent maintenance. Harnessing the power of Carbon Nano tubes, Alpha PrimeĀ  redefines chemical resistance, minimizing water spots with unparalleled efficacy when compared to traditional SiO2 coatings.
Elevate your detailing game and join the ranks of accredited detailers entrusted with the Alpha Prime Graphene legacy.


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