Aquacoat Hybrid 3 Year Car Ceramic Coating




  • Easy to apply formula.
  • 2-5 hour air dried patented technology.
  • Up to 3 Year protection.
  • 9H Hardness.
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Layer
  • 30ml Bottle.

Aquacoat Hybrid

Aquacoat Hybrid is designed for daily driver cars; it is highly hydrophobic.

Aquacoat Hybrid is a Professional 9H Ceramic Coating with patented “Air Dry” technology.

Giving up to 3 years protection and dry in just 2-5 hours(2 hours at 18ÂșC), Aquacoat Hybrid is on a whole new level.

Highly recommended for Professional Detailers and Valeters. Available to both Detailers and Home Detailing Enthusiasts.

Supplied in a 30ml bottle with extreme ease of use.

This incredible ceramic coating has to be seen and used to be believed. It is one of the very best single layer coatings available on the market today.

**If you are a practicing detailer or valeter and would like to know more about becoming part of our accredited detailer network, please get in touch with us: CLICK HERE


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