Aquacoat Prime 3 Year Car Ceramic Coating


  • 4-5 hour air dried patented technology.
  • Up to 3 Year protection
  • 9H Hardness
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • 30ml Bottle

Aquacoat Prime

Aquacoat Prime is our extreme gloss, slick coating, which is also highly hydrophobic.

Aquacoat Prime is a Professional 9H Ceramic Coating with patented “Air Dry” technology.

Giving up to 3 years protection and dry in just 4-5 hours, Aquacoat Prime is on a whole new level.

We recommend that the CFC Ceramic Prep is used prior to application, to ensure that the ceramic has a clean surface to bond to.

Highly recommended for Professional Detailers and Valeters.

Supplied in a 30ml bottle with extreme ease of use, this ceramic coating is a game changer.

This incredible ceramic coating has to be seen and used to be believed. It is one of the very best single layer coatings available on the market today.

**If you are a practicing detailer or valeter and would like to know more about becoming part of our accredited detailer network, please get in touch with us: CLICK HERE


Example of Car ceramic coated with CFC Aquacoat Prime, 3 Year ceramic coating in video.


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