Bike Guard Ceramic 12 Month


  • Unique spray on application
  • 9h scratch resistant
  • Anti corrosion protection
  • 12 months durability
  • 750 degree temperature resistant
  • Matt, gloss and chrome surfaces
  • Can be applied to all engine areas
  • Now in larger 150ml bottle

Bike Guard Ceramic 150ml

Bike Guard Ceramic is a flexible SiO2 coating that has a unique application by spraying it onto the surface and buff to a shine.
Bike Guard Ceramic gives Anti-Corrosion protection for up to 12 months.
It is 9h scratch resistant and leaves a highly glossy hydrophobic, easy to clean finish.
Can be used to coat the whole bike including the engine and inaccessible areas.
Simply spray onto the surface and wipe with a microfibre cloth.
150ml is enough to cover the entire bike.
When coating engines spray and leave.


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