Bodyguard Glass Coat 3 Month


  • 3 Months protection
  • Excellent as a coating topper
  • Can be used as stand alone coating
  • Easy spray on buff off formula
  • Can be used as a windscreen rain repellent.
  • Ideal for awkward areas, Motorcycles etc.

Bodyguard Glass Coat

Bodyguard Glass Coat is our standard DIY Ceramic Coating.

Can be used as a stand alone coating or as a “sacrificial” layer on already coated vehicles.

Used on windscreens as a rain repellent or as top up to our Glassguard to increase durability.

3 months durability and 7H hardness makes it the ideal topper after a maintenance wash.

Used by anyone, whether a DIY enthusiasts or professional, super quick, super easy.

Simple spray on, buff off formula thus making it ideal for cars, bikes, caravans and boats.

Suitable for Paint, Glass, Aluminium and Chrome.

Can be used as a drying aid. Simply spray on wet surface and buff off.

Check out our Biker Kit with everything needed to apply a 12 month coating to your ride.


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