CFC Compound Dual Pack


  • Suitable for use with Dual Action and Rotary Machine Polishers
  • Removes swirls and fine scratches
  • Rapid removal of swirls and scratches
  • Deep gloss and swirl-free results
  • Suitable for use on all types of paintwork
  • Diminishing formula
  • Will not mark rubber or trim
  • Easy removal

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Developed by our Labs in S. Korea, our dual compound system makes it easier to bring up any paintwork to a high standard using a two stage machine polishing method.

Our Heavy Cutting compound will remove up to 1500 Grit sanding marks and deeper scratches and is a diminishing compound that does away with the need for a medium compound. Basically it takes the place of a Heavy Compound, followed by a Medium Compound.

The CFC Fine Cut Compound is designed to give the best finish possible and works together with our Heavy Compound as a final stage polish. Use both together for a brilliant finish.


Heavy Cutting Compound

A revolutionary new designed compound, made to remove up to 1500 grit sanding scratches. Researched & developed in house at our facilities in South Korea. Can be used as a one step polishing compound or in conjunction with our Fine Polish for the perfect finish.

  • Fully diminishing, will not cause swirl marks.
  • Will not mark rubber or trims
  • Low dust formula.
  • Water based formula
  • 1000ml


Fine Polishing Compound

A revolutionary new designed compound, designed to remove light swirls and scratches, whilst leaving a perfect mirror finish.

  • Fully diminishing, for a high gloss finish
  • Will not mark rubber or trims
  • Low dust formula.
  • Easy removal
  • 1000ml


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