Eraser Gel


  • Carefully removes hard water spots on car paint and windows without damaging surface
  • Reliable shower door cleaner and hard water stain remover for glass, mirrors, and chrome surfaces
  • Simply apply with a sponge or a buffing polisher with a reliable pad for harder water stains
  • For proper application, follow instructions on label

Eraser Gel


3D Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover makes removing unsightly water spots and mineral deposits easy. Plus, this powerful but safe acidic thick gel formula is effective unlike most liquid water spot removers on the market.

3D Eraser Gel Water Spot Remover works by dissolving calcium and minerals that make-up the visual spots or chalky looking circles plus it dissolves the residual chemicals the form the bond between these chalky mineral spots and your cars paint, glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. Simply apply, allow to dwell and then wipe-off.


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