Habit Guard Graphene 12 Month Car Ceramic Coating


  • 10 H hard Graphene coating.
  • Oil Based ceramic coating
  • Up to 12 months durability.
  • Cures in 2 hours at room temperature.
  • Use on Paint, Plastic, Aluminium, Chrome, Rubber and all Windows
  • 120 degree bead angle.
  • 400ml

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Guard Graphene:

Introducing the Habit Guard Graphene Coat – an innovative oil-based liquid ceramic solution that sets the standard for surface protection. Crafted with genuine liquid ceramic, this advanced coating ensures a level of quality that captivates while delivering unparalleled durability.

Our product goes beyond the ordinary, providing a shield for surfaces that stands out for its fascinating quality and long-lasting performance. Whether you choose to use it as a standalone spray coating or incorporate it into your maintenance routine, the Habit Guard Graphene Coat is designed to elevate your surface protection experience. Trust in the power of genuine liquid ceramic for a coating that not only enhances but endures.


  • Usage Instructions:

    • Preparation: Wash and dry your car before application. Ensure the vehicle is not in direct sunlight or the panels are hot to the touch.
    • Materials Needed: Have 3 to 4 clean and unused microfiber towels on hand for the application process.
    • Application:
      • Spray the Habit Guard Graphene Coat onto the paintwork.
      • Buff the applied coating with a microfiber towel.
      • Use a second microfiber towel to achieve a high shine.
    • Inspection and Touch-up:
      • After coating all panels, inspect the paintwork for any dark marks or smears.
      • If any imperfections are found, use a damp microfiber towel to go over the affected area, then buff again with a dry microfiber.
    • Post-Application:
      • Avoid exposure to rain or snow for the first 2 hours after application to ensure optimal results. Keep car indoors, if possible, during the winter months for the first evening.

One 400ml bottle is enough for 2 applications on a medium size saloon.

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