Korean Twist Drying Towel


  • Size: 60cm. x 90cm.
  • Fabric Weight: 1200 Grams Per Square Metre (GSM)
  • Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester – 20% Polyamide
  • Country of Origin: Made in S. Korea
  • Colour: Only Grey in stock

CFC  1200GSM Double Sided Twist Car & Motorcycle Drying towel.  This microfibre towel features a twisted pile on both sides meaning it is able to absorb even more water than a single-sided towel.

This is an exceptionally soft and absorbent twist pile microfibre drying towel.

The super capillary action of the twisted pile microfibres sucks up water by just passing it over the surface reducing the risk of marring your paintwork.

The best way to use this towel is to place it onto the surface and glide it along, like in the video below.  As it slides over the surface, it will pick up the water leaving a streak-free finish.  It can even be used on glass.


Returns Policy

To keep your towel in the best condition wash in Non-Bio liquid @30ºC cotton wash (Do not use conditioner) and air dry.

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