Magic Blue Dressing


  • Water resistant tire shine
  • Repels rain and water on wet roads for long lasting tire shine and protection
  • Use on different plastic surfaces
  • Easy spray and wipe formula

Magic Blue Dressing

When we named this product, we really needed to find a way to let you know this dressing work almost like magic. Of course, the results from any car detailing job starts with the correct prep-work. But after the prep work and you apply this dressing, that’s where you see the magic! And that’s how we came up with the name – 3D Blue Magic Dressing.

Of course, there’s no magic involved – instead there’s pure hi-tech chemistry that comes from our own in-house team of chemists here at 3D. When you buy any product with the 3D name on the outside of the label, you can trust only the best is on the inside of the bottle. Plus, 3D is dedicated to making our world a better place to live for all of us. Part of our mission for every product we create is to make sure it’s safe for the environment and also safe for you – our customer.

What is it? – Solvent-based, water-proof dressing for tires and all exterior rubber, plastic, and vinyl trim.

What does it do? – Restores a deep, dark black appearance with high a high gloss shine to rubber, plastic and viny.

When do you use it? – After first cleaning the surface via washing and drying or using the appropriate spray-on cleaner.

Why use 3D Magic Blue over other options? – Like all 3D products, this high-performance multi-surface exterior dressing is earth-friendly, biodegradable and V.O.C. compliant. It’s also human-friendly as we want you our customers to be around for a long time.

  • Long lasting silicone formula creates a deep, dark black shine.
  • Use on any smooth, hard exterior surface.
  • For tires, exterior plastic and vinyl trim, mouldings, wheel wells, splash guards and other rubber and plastic surfaces.
  • Solvent-based instead of water-based, which makes it highly water-resistant – holds up well to inclement weather and repeated washings.
  • High-viscosity formulation means lower likelihood to run off tires.
  • Easy wipe-on, wipe-off application.
  • Keeps tires looking black for weeks, not days.
  • No run, no sling formula – keeps your car’s paint clean!


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