Mega Shield 7 Year Car Ceramic Coating


  • Accredited Detailer Only**
  • 97% solid coating.
  • Worlds first unique 3 layer system.
  • 125° water bead angle.
  • 7 years protection.
  • Unbeatable Gloss and Durability

Mega Shield

Accredited Detailer Application Only**

The worlds first triple layer protection from Coating Farm Ceramics.

This triple layered coating has a very fast curing time especially with UV drying lamps. Under UV the coating dries within 1 hour.

Mega Shield requires some experience of application of Ceramic Coatings, however it’s still easy to use.

M1 coat is the base coat and is 97% solid Si02 content. This is the first layer to be applied to your paintwork, Plastics and Wheels.

M2 coat is the second coat and can be described as the glue to bond M1 to M3. It also adds thickness to the coating.

M3 coat has extreme gloss, UV and chemical resistance, with gives added clarity and extreme refraction and reflective properties.

Each layer has been designed specifically to bond correctly to the previous one. This creates one of the most durable automotive coatings on the planet.

**If you are a practicing detailer or valeter and would like to know more about becoming part of our accredited detailer network, please get in touch with us: CLICK HERE


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