Ceramic Safe Shampoo / Snowfoam


  • Ceramic safe
  • Cleans deep into the pores of the surface
  • PH neutral
  • Shampoo and Snowfoam
  • 1000:1 dilution rate
  • Made with extremely high quality ingredients
  • Car and bike safe

Shampoo/ Snowfoam

Coating Farm Ceramic new shampoo is an extremely high-quality shampoo and Snowfoam in one.

Designed to use on all paintwork and ceramic coated surfaces.

Safe to use on cars and bikes

Made with the finest ingredients to clean deep into the pores of the paintwork without using any harsh chemicals

Can be used as a car/bike shampoo at a dilution rate of 1000:1

Can be used as a snowfoam at a dilution rate of 10:1




Additional information


500ml, 1L


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