Wheel Guard Pro 1 Year


  • Up to 12 months Duarbility.
  • Makes wheels easy to clean.
  • 9H scratch resistant.
  • Suitable for wheels, calipers and exhaust tips.
  • Easy to apply formula.
  • Fast curing time.


Wheel Guard Pro 30ml

Wheel guard Pro offers 9h ceramic protection for wheels , making it easier to clean by repelling brake dust and other contaminants.

The unique nano particles bond to the surface creating a smooth surface to which brake dust is much harder to bind to.

Wheel Guard Pro is heat resistant and can be applied to Brake calipers and exhaust tips.

Easy to apply formula, which has a fast curing time of six hours at 18ÂșC or 1 hour with Infra Red Lamps.

30 ml is enough to coat most sets of 4 wheels up to 20 inch, including the barrels.

We recommend that the CFC Ceramic Prep is used prior to application, to ensure that the ceramic has a clean surface to bond to.


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