What is 9H or 10H Scratch Resistant?

There is a lot of confusion all over the web about what these ratings actually are and what they mean. Essentially it refers to the pencil hardness test and it rates how scratch resistant a ceramic coating is based on the different hardness levels of pencils that are pushed across a surface that has been coated. 10H pencil equivalent means that a ceramic coating will not be scratched by a 10H pencil being scratched across the paintwork. Pencils come in very soft lead ranging from 2H to very hard at 10H.

Generally speaking, on the same scale, most car paintwork is between 4H to 6H, so the ceramic coating offers more protection. It does not mean that it  can’t be scratched at all or that stone chips can’t occur. However it does act as a harder and more scratch resistant surface than your paintwork alone. It acts as a sacrificial layer that if damaged, can be machine polished without harming your paint’s clear lacquer coat and then re-coated.

SGS Worldwide Certified

Here at Coating Farm Ceramics we send our ceramic coatings in to SGS Worldwide, one of the largest and most respected independent testing labs to have them certified. Very few companies do this due to the cost and also the fact that very many, so called ceramic coatings are manufactured cheaply and offer no protection at all. Some companies also claim that the 9H or 10H badges mean nothing, however this again is because their coatings have failed the same independent tests and are keen to rubbish the entire process.

27 Years & Counting

Coating Farm Ceramics have been researching & manufacturing ceramic coatings at our own facilities in South Korea for 27 years. Everything we do is developed in-house and produced at our own facilities and we never re-bottle for anyone else. Generally we manufacture and distribute 25,000 Litres of ceramic coatings a month worldwide. Very few ceramic coating companies have their own facilities and generally are re-bottling the exact same ceramic coatings produced and bottled cheaply from one of two factories in China.

alphacoat 5 year ceramic coating

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