CF Ceramics Alpha Prime, 8 Year Graphene Ceramic Coating is simply the best ceramic coating available today for your car. Our research lab has added a molecule of Graphene and bonded it to a molecule of Si02 (ceramic) for a super tough, high gloss ceramic coating with a durability of 8 years. Gloss levels are off the scale and the hydrophobic qualities makes water bead off super fast. Nothing comes close to the superb Alpha Prime, Graphene Ceramic Coating!

CF Ceramics have been researching & manufacturing Automotive ceramic coatings in our own facilities in South Korea now for 28 years (as of 2021). With decades of experience, our team has refined & honed our ceramic coatings year on year, to make the best possible ceramic coatings available worldwide.

Currently we produce & sell 50,000 Litres a month worldwide. In the UK we ceramic coat an average of 9,000 cars and 3,000 motorcycles a year via our network and we sell thousands of our DIY range ceramic coatings and after care products.

Advantages of Alpha Prime Graphene 10H, 8 Year Ceramic Coating:

  • 10H Scratch Resistant (Certified by SGS)
  • Ultra High Gloss
  • Superb beading
  • Dual Layer
  • 8 Years Durability
  • Easy to clean (PH Neutral Shampoo and no heavy chemicals needed)
  • Stays cleaner for longer between washes
  • Professionally Applied By Trained & Accredited Detailers

If you are a perfectionist and simply must have the best available ceramic coating for your Car, then Alpha Prime Graphene, 8 Year is made for you, don’t settle for less. Get in touch for a quote and to find your nearest studio or mobile unit from our network of 155. Click here to contact: CF Ceramics Contact

See more of the cars & motorcycles ceramic coated here: CF Ceramics Youtube Channel


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