Here at Coating Farm Ceramics, we believe that Car Owners and Motorcycle Owners looking to have their vehicles ceramic coated, should be able to weigh up the pros & cons first. There are a lot of myths surrounding ceramic coatings, that are misleading at best and outright lies at worst.

First off, Ceramic Coatings are not as if a magic wand has been waved at your Car or Motorcycle and it won’t need washing ever again. Maintenance of ceramic coatings is generally quite simple. Use our CFC PH Neutral Shampoo and no heavy chemicals such as Traffic Film Removers or Insect Removers. Most of these products will destroy the ceramic coating very quickly and also damage the lacquer on your car in short time. Yes, the vehicle will usually stay cleaner looking for longer, especially if it rains, as the increased hydrophobicity of the paintwork surfaces will ensure dirt is carried off. Also Ceramic Coatings in general, after washing, must be dried off with a drying towel to ensure there is no water spotting, especially in hard water areas.

Next, the ceramic coatings are scratch resistant and in 99% of cases, the ceramic coating is more scratch resistant than the lacquer. However, this does NOT mean it cannot be scratched. It can be scratched and safe washing procedures must be followed. This is probably the most damaging myth and causes a lot of issues for people who have had ceramic coatings applied. One chap, decided it meant he could use a scouring pad to clean his vehicle. As you can imagine, this caused a lot of damage to the paintwork. The point of ceramic coatings is to act as a ‘first line of defence’ against scratches and wash induced swirl marks. In most cases, minor scratches can be machine polished out and re-coated without damaging the lacquer. Our network offer regular maintenance packages and can machine polish small areas as necessary and re-coat.

CFC Ceramic coatings offer very high levels of gloss to paintwork, making them shine without the need for waxing every couple of weeks. Combined with the increased hydrophobic qualities, they tend to look better than non-ceramic coated cars & motorcycles. They are easy to maintain – just wash with our CFC PH Neutral Shampoo and nothing else is needed.

Anyone that tells you that you only need to wash the car / bike once a year or wash it with whatever you like to try and convince you that it will be maintenance free and you can rub it with sandpaper with no effect – should be avoided. If looked after properly, ceramic coatings give long term protection and an unbeatable level of shine.

Watch the video below to see all the steps CFC takes to ceramic coat a car.

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