We often get asked, why do you need to machine polish a brand new car before you ceramic coat it? 
First off, it is not because it needs to be done because the ceramic coating will not adhere to it, as some people seem to think. Our experience of making and applying ceramics for 28 years, backed up by our own research lab tells us this. It will adhere just as well to a non-polished car at a nano level.
The main reason we have to do this is, quite simple, cars leaving showrooms do not leave with perfect paintwork. 99% of brand new cars have swirl marks and sometimes even obvious scratches. The easy way to check this on your car is to switch on the flashlight function on your phone and go over the paintwork from around 10cm’s away. All the swirl marks will be obvious to see.
Generally our new car package includes a one stage machine polish to remove these swirl marks and to deepen the gloss levels. The cars you see in the video below were all brand new and machine polished before coating.
This ensures that when we seal the paintwork, it is in the best condition possible before doing so. It’s also why you will never achieve the deep gloss levels that you can see without doing so.
Unfortunately car dealerships do not spend the time in doing so when they offer you their ceramic coating packages, as time = money and the machine polishing stage can take 4-6 hours. So generally their ceramic coating service does not measure up to CF Ceramics standards.
So in conclusion, this is why we build in a one stage machine polish to all our 3,5 & 8 year ceramic coating packages.

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